The Individual Essay is worth 30 marks and has a maximum word limit of 2000 words.
Students are expected to use at least8 scholarly references.
Scholarly references generally include refereed journal articles and academic books/chapters.
The objective is to produce a piece of individually written work that is organised in a logical and coherent manner, addresses the essay question in a

focused and concise way and uses scholarly reference to support and substantiate your argument.
The 2,000 word limit for this essay includes tables, diagrams and appendices.

“Looking for a link between HR strategy and performance is a misguided activity because the main focus needs to be on the links between policy,

practices, processes, implementation and performance.” (adapted from: Kinnie and Swart, 2017, p.58, see ilearn) Considering the literature on the

implementation of strategic human resource management, critically analyse this argument.