Starbucks Buyer Journal

The paper has to be well written and well researched. It also needs to be divided into the the different parts.
Part 1
Name of retailer: Starbucks. Define both terms conglomerate or stand alone. Is Starbucks a conglomerate or stand alone?
Mission Statement: Is there an “official” statement? If so, what is the actual statement? If not, what would you write as the Starbucks mission statement?
Location: centralized or de-centralized and does it also have regional or district offices?
First year of operation: when did this retailers first open its doors? what was the ‘then current real world’ like when this retailer first opened? List at least five world events that occurred during the first year of operation for this retailer. How has Starbucks evolved since its first year and what is the current situation with this organization?
Customer Profile: who is the “ideal customer” for this retailer? The demographics of this customer must be included.
Competitive profile who is this retailer’s primary competitor? Why? List a minimum of three primary competitors. Include specifics about each competitor as it relates to Starbucks.
Part 2
Is the department dominated by national, designer or private label brands?
What is the dominate brand? How does this relate to the store in its entirety? List all brands and brand components n a good, better or best format.
What sizes and colors are carried? Is this assortment unique to this particular retailer? Would you expect to see the same or a similar assortment at another type of retailer: specialty, traditional department, discount, catalog, or Internet store/ explain in detail and name the retailers.
Visual presentation- what message was conveyed? What did the signing mean to the customer? Were you able to see the logic of the product assortment? Did the ‘supporting characters’—signing, ambience, make sense to the customer? Does the overall visual presentation relate back to the mission statement? How? It is distracting or inviting? If yes how? If no how?
Part 3
Marketing defined- is the system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and distribute products and services to current and potential customers.
Marketing Concept defined- states all business activities should be geared towards satisfying customer needs and wants

What do you see as the current marketing strategy for starbucks? How does this retailer communicate with the “intended” customer-television, newspaper, radio, magazine, direct response or internet? What if any, is the common thread or theme that connects the various advertising media together? What would you do differently if given the opportunity? Be specific. Include at least one example of current marketing effort for this retailer and explain how each example reinforces the retailer’s position amongst its competitors.
Part 4
Retailer Financial same ‘ Analysis
Annual report (most current twelve month period) Access the retailer’s annual report which is available through the organization’s website.
1. What financial accounting calendar is used by Starbucks?
2. When did the fiscal year begin and end for this organization? Include month, day and year.
3. Write a SWOT (at least 5 examples for each of the four categories) from the material read in the annual report and other business/industry materials including the store visit? The SWOT must be written in bullet format.
Part 5 Perspective In conclusion
In no more than 600 words and not less than 400 words what do you feel this retailer Starbucks adds to the overall retail landscape. Include five reasons why this particular retailer is or is not and example of exciting retailing’? Students should draw upon the numerous articles written about this retailer in the last year. Include five reasons why this retailer will or will not be around in 10 years. Also include your view of what the retailer will be like if it is still around ten years. Include examples of product tagging, signage, bags, etc. and any materials that will add value to the development of your point of view perspective.
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