Society's arguments on gender.

Write a research paper in which you analyze a theme or issue that occurs in at least one literary text we’ve read during this course. In doing so, you may explore numerous concepts or issues related to this theme. Use at least one of these pieces of literature as the text through which you investigate and discuss this theme/issue. You may choose to compare and/or contrast two works in regards to their treatment of the same or related themes. (Do not use more than 3 primary texts). Ultimately, your goal is to create a set of insights about this theme/issue. You are using the literary texts to help illustrate or build these insights. Therefore your analysis is not merely confined to a discussion of the literary text(s), but should instead seek to develop an argument regarding the broader theme/issue itself. Below are some possible themes to explore: How does society’s views on gender influence individual identity? What are the psychological effects of this influence?