Six sigma project

Identify and define a particular paper airplane design. Make ten planes according to this design.
The key metric is flight time (how long the plane flies before it hits the floor). Fly each of your ten planes one time and measure how long it takes for each of the ten flights. In Minitab, do not use the time format xx:xx. Please convert your times to decimal values. Using the collected data, establish the current process capability. For example, what is the average flight time? What is the standard deviation?
Assuming a fictional fare that you can charge per flight second, calculate your current revenues projection assuming 500 flights per year. Use some creativity. Compare this to a target flight time (longer than you demonstrated in your capability study). Identify how much revenue you are currently missing because you are not currently achieving the target flight time.
Identify design or other such factors that might be preventing longer flight times. You might use such tools as a cause-and-effect diagram. Choose a couple factors that you might want to experiment with in order to increase flight times. Evaluate your current ability to measure flight times. How well do multiple people reproduce the same flight times? If the times measured times differ, which time is most likely to be correct?
Feel free to discuss factors that impact flight time and to discuss how to best evaluate measurement ability.
In addition to figures and calculations, please also be sure to include some textual commentary, as if you were submitting a report to your client or management. Please submit this assignment as a Word document, cutting and pasting figures, etc from Minitab as necessary.
Grading Criteria for the assignment:
Make ten planes of the same design
Fly each of the ten planes and record the ten flight times
Describe the current process capability
Calculate projected revenues
Identify factors that may be effecting flight times
Describe your ability to “measure” flight times
Presentation and APA Formatting
Announcement 2:
Six Sigma project Part 1-

Take pictures of a plane/planes for informational purpose and help with the presentation

Part one – should also include:

I recommend following the rubric and ensure you include the following with this submission:

1.cause and effect diagram – address the majority of the 6 M’s
– When discussing “factors” consider the following in your report
2.control chart – for the initial numbers and then with the improved times for (part 2)
3.descriptive statistics –, mean, range, median , and mode
4.current flight times – flight in seconds, distance, fare/sec, flights/year, and the current revenue – use a table

Current flight time

Time in seconds

Fare per second

Flights per year

Actual flight time

Flight distance

Flights per year


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