SIS Behavioral Model

6-1 Final Project Part III Milestone One: SIS Behavioral Model


Task: Submit to complete this assignment

Now that you have completed both of your student information system (SIS) functional model and structural model, you are ready to complete your

consulting job by creating the SIS behavioral model.

Based on your SIS functional model and structural model, create an SIS behavioral model consisting of the following:
•A sequence diagram for the Register a Student for Classes use case
•A communication diagram for the Register a Student for Classes use case

From the SIS functional model, Register a Student for Classes use case, and the structural model, identify the objects and the actors that

participate in either the sequence diagram or the communication diagram. Identify the messages that are sent and received among these objects

and actors and determine the order of message passing. Formalize your findings as a sequence diagram and a corresponding communication diagram.

For the sequence diagram, show the execution occurrence when a message is sent or received. Both the sequence diagram and the communication

diagrams must be generated by a UML drawing tool.

Links to UML drawing tools:

Use the Final Project Part III Solution Submission Template document to complete and submit your deliverables. Your deliverables in the

attached submission template should include the following:
•Your work
•Verification and Validation of your work
•An explanation of your work and how you arrived at your solution
•A reflection on your learning experience and lesson learned

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Part III: Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document.