Short Story Public Service Announcement (PSA) Assignment

A public service announcement (PSA) is like an advertisement that informs us about something important. The purpose of a PSA is to benefit the

public by raising awareness about an issue or topic.

Watch these public service announcements first to get an idea of what a PSA is:

1. Create the PSA flyer
In this assignment, you will choose a single fiction story from the Part 2 Analysis Tips document in Lesson 3.3, analyze the story, and create

a PSA flyer on a single theme from your analysis (see the example attached to the directions). You will not include the story title or author

in the flyer; this is not a book report cover. The flyer focuses only on the theme and adheres to the purpose of a PSA.

Your PSA flyer should:
Include a “hook” that grabs the viewer’s attention.
Use font and color choices wisely and purposefully. For example, bold font can emphasize key points.
Fit on a single 8 ½ x 11 page.
Be in Microsoft Word or PDF file format and not hand drawn/created. If you do not have Microsoft Word, download the free OpenOffice software

Contain 2 related images (no more and no less than 2). An image or an informative graph or chart can make information stand out and be more

Have no mechanical errors.
Use a minimum of 2 credible sources for content and 2 sources for images credited in APA format. Use the CRAAP Tool from Lesson 3.3 to

evaluate credibility.
2. Compose your response about the PSA flyer
On page 2 of your Word document, write a paragraph of 7 sentences that explains the theme’s connection to the story and why this is a topic

that is important for the world to understand.
Paragraph structure:
First sentence: Topic sentence identifying theme’s connection and naming the story’s title and author
Second sentence: Evidence for the theme
Third sentence: Explanation of the evidence
Fourth sentence: Identify why the PSA topic is important for the public’s awareness
Fifth sentence: Evidence for importance
Sixth sentence: Explanation of the evidence
Seventh sentence: Summary sentence
3. Reference your sources to avoid plagiarism and copyright issues
Below your paragraph include your 2 information sources and 2 image sources in APA format. See Purdue’s Online Writing site for examples.

Locate your source type and then follow the examples step by step:
See the example PSA flyer attached. The example PSA flyer is based on Jack London’s To Build a Fire that you read in Part 1 of the course. In

To Build a Fire, the themes present are man versus nature and the main character’s arrogance. The PSA illustrates these themes by noting the

life-threatening danger of hypothermia and how to educate ourselves (listening to the experts) and to plan ahead and prepare. When you analyze

your chosen story, remember that summary is not analysis. To create the PSA, you must focus on a theme(s) from the story’s analysis.