risk management plan

Select a risk problem from the list below and prepare a risk management plan in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.

Please ensure that you:

Establish the context clearly, in accordance with the Standard; •
• Define your system boundaries carefully;
• Show evidence of consideration of alternatives for risk management1;
• Clearly state the risk tolerability criteria employed
• Include relevant literature review and discussion; and
• Consider aspects beyond the texts and lecture material (ie value added discussion).

You may need to simplify and define the boundaries carefully in order to achieve the word limit. Relevant project information to prepare the risk management plan needs to be identified by the student (literature research). You must choose one project from the following list:
Project 1: Retrospective Risk Management Plan Greyhound Racing NSW.
Project 3: Retrospective Risk Management Plan for the Fukushima Plant Incident.
Project 4: Design and Implementation of a new weighbridge system for an existing waste recycling facility. Note, you can decide whether you want the weighbridge to be manned or unmanned (i.e. automated).
Project 5: Implementation of a new in-Patient data storing system for hospitals.
Project 6: Implementation of Industry 4.0 (IIoT) into an existing production facility.
1 SA/SNZ 89:2013 Risk management – Guidelines on risk assessment techniques. This Standard contains a number of commonly used alternative risk management techniques.

Project 7: Australia meeting its obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement within the UNFCCC.

Identify a problem that occurred or may occur and prepare the risk management plan.

Word count limit: The body of this assignment will be in the range of 3000 to 5000 words, excluding any Appendices. You may need to simplify and define the boundaries of your report (for example “looking only at OH&S risks”, only “looking at financial and security risks” or otherwise) carefully in order to achieve the word limit. Please ensure you all pages numbered.

The assignment will be marked generally in accordance with the marking criteria where marks are deducted for non-conformity with these criteria.

The assignment will be submitted as a soft copy. Please make sure to submit the complete assignment including Cover Page, Table of Contents, Reference list and Appendices. .
Be aware that several students have fallen foul, in previous semesters, of the sophisticated systems in place to detect plagiarism, whether of another student’s work or of books, internet resources, etc. You may use a revised version of a report you have prepared at work, as long as you clearly state the origins of your assignment and clearly delineate your contribution to this report.

You should familiarise yourself with the correct referencing style – not referencing sources correctly can lead to a mark deduction, and not referencing sources at all (including pictures, diagrams, photographs) can be seen as plagiarism and can lead to disciplinary action.


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