Research paper writing


Research paper writing

Write a position paper, supported by research. on the role of neuroscience in
education. Be sure you have a solid premise (statement of your position on the topic)
that you then support with evidence.
The paper should be 6-10 pages and be formatted according to APA style. It is
sufficient to use the readings from class as your resources, but you are, of course.
welcome to find additional sources. The audience is educated, interested Pk-12 5
teachers, general education, special education, specialists, and administrators. Keep in
mind that some of these folks are probably also parents.
I’ll be looking for the following as I grade the papers:
0 Solid, clear professional writing that communicates your position clearly and
persuades the reader to agree with you based on the strength of your evidence.
0 Well organized reasoning that carriers the reader along with the thread of your

0 Evidence that you’ve read and understood the source materials.

0 A clear. recognizable writer’s voice. It doesn’t need to be overly formal. First person
is allowed. a conversational style is fine, humor is welcome, examples drawn from
your life are great. On the flip side. an academic, formal paper is also fully

If you are doing the independent project. we’ll have already discussed your work. You
can hand it in here if it is electronic. See me to make other arrangements if it is in
another format.

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