Research Assignment: Your Local Watershed

You can find out the watershed in which you live by visiting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Surf Your Watershed Site. Once

there, enter a U.S. zip code to learn the name of your watershed and learn about issues important to your watershed, such as sources of water

pollution and civic groups dedicated to cleaning it up. After finding the name of your watershed, do some internet research to find out if

there are any environmental issues affecting your watershed and answer the following questions:
Into what body of water does your watershed drain?
What pollutants are present in your watershed? (From the EPA main page for your watershed, click the tab that says “Impaired water for this

watershed,” and then follow the links to find the causes of water impairment in your watershed.)
What counties and/or cities are part of your watershed?
Are there any citizens’ groups involved in protecting and cleaning your watershed? If so, how can you contact them?