Public Health

We will complete TWO matrices this semester.  One 10 EPHS Matrix will be completed while watching “The Most Dangerous Woman in America” and used in class during discussion of the video.  Here is a link to the video on YouTube:

Q1-INSTRUCTIONS FOR EPHS MATRIX #1 – Review 10 EPHS in PP 56 – 62 of the Public Health Administration Textbook.  While watching the video on Typhoid Mary, make note of examples in the film for each of the 10 Essential Services.  – One page-Answer the questions in the file

Essential Service Matrix

For Essential Service example:  Give a brief summary of the article. Describe how it serves as an example for the Essential Service, using the readings in the Shi & Johnson text or in the Holsinger text to support your choice of an example.  Cite the article source as a reference at the end of each article summary using APA style.


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