Project Management


Project Management
Trump Tower Toronto – Case Study

Titanic Case Study
• Case Study Comparison – Discussion
Assignment specifics:
1. Select three PM concepts from the readings and apply them to both case studies.
• success – what is success? Must every project started be completed? When does canceling a project mean success?
• risk management
• scope creep
• quality criteria (QC)
• change management
• planning – what does planning REALLY mean?
• defining sub tasks
• estimating task durations
• communication
• re-planning
• status tracking
• project reporting
• what to do when you make mistakes/screw up/start down an unhelpful path – in other words how to recover and get back on track to success –

because let’s face it, we all screw up at times!
• managing your own ego and emotions so they are not your focus on the project

2. Discuss how those three concepts played out in each case study and compare some of the details to your own experiences.