1) (2 PAGES)For a client population with which you have worked or are working (or a fictitious population), select an outcome measure that follows from some problem they have in common.Construct a graph that could monitor the progress over time. In the accompanying paper, be sure to address the target behavior, the baseline, the type of design you would use and any efforts you would make to improve or check the reliability of the data you obtain.

Please highlight (BOLD) and label the highlighted information in the finished order in order to allow me to view tTopic: Principles of Nonverbal Communication and Personal Presentationhat the information is there and is correct prior to me submitting for grading. Please do not provide a finished product heavily dependent on quotes. That being said, please cite the author for the uploaded book and use one other source. I will not have any time to request a revision, so please ensure that the work accurately captures and addresses the questions/ information asked.
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2)( 2 Pages) Using articles from the Suicide, write a literature review assuming you are investigating Suicide prevention as part of a larger project to provide better suicide prevention education or some type of other program
USE the following attachments to complete this assignment: Ch-2-basic-Concepts, Literature Review Samples, Literaturereview 1, Literaturereview2, Read and Dissect. Please cite at least two authors, one must be the attached SUICIDE article author.