Populations in Developed and Less-Developed Nations


Populations in Developed and Less-Developed Nations
The Assignment:

Compare one “Developed” Nation of your choice (but not the United States) with one Less Developed Nation (not continent) of your choice, and compose a

2-page essay in which you do the following:

1) Discuss the economic, social, and cultural reasons for differences between the population densities in these two regions.
2) Explain how the two nations you researched are attempting to reduce their environmental impact and population/fertility rates.
3) Evaluate the population policies of the DN with those of the LDN you chose by reflecting on the possible futures of nations that do not succeed in

limiting population growth, and the impact that will have on the world at large. Conclude with your opinion on whether sustainability is a realistic,

achievable goal. If it is a realistic goal, how much change is necessary to achieve it? If sustainability is not a realistic goal, how do you foresee

the future of the Earth and humankind in 50 to 100 years?
4) Cite your independent research in APA format.