population and urban Growth of Dubai City

population and urban Growth of Dubai City
1- Contents:
• The Writer is clear, objective, succinct and realistic in his objectives
• I think this research should be funded and/the writer is oe of the the best persons to undertake this project
• this research is very important and/or timely
• State and justify your objectives clearly (“because it is interesting” is not enough!)
• Make sure you answer the questions: how will the research beneft the wider society or contribute to the research
2- Style:
• He provides a clear project title
• He Structured his text – He uses section headings
• he Present the information in short paragraphs rather than a solid block of text
• Write short sentences
• If allowed, provide images/charts/diagrams to help break up the text
3- The process:
• • Avoid blanket general e-mails to several prospective supervisors
• Allow plenty of time – a rushed proposal will show
• Get feedback from your prospective supervisor and be prepared to take their comments on board
• If applying to an external funding agency, remember that the reviewer may not be an expert in your feld of research
• Stick to the guidelines and remember the deadline

state the title of the work, the author’s name and the date of publication • outline main ideas of the book and identify the author’s thesis • state your own thesis statement and your main idea about the work The novella, The Metamorphosis, by Frank Kafka is an excellent story because the author… The article “Narratives of intercultural transformation” by Ingrid Adams is informative and insightful because the author
briefly outline the main ideas of the article • should involve who, what, where, when, why and how • you may also choose to discuss the structure, style or point of view This book is about… The author argues that… The setting is… The research was… The main character… The main points are… The theme is… The authors conclude…
critically state what you like and do not like about the article • explain your ideas with specific examples from the article • assess whether the author has achieved their intended goal • the analysis may look at whether the work is § focused, understandable, persuasive, clear, informative § original, exciting, interesting, well-written § directed at the appropriate audience, meeting the purpose § well researched, with appropriate conclusions, and more… The analysis is made up of several different paragraphs.
restate your thesis in new words • summarize your main ideas if possible with new and stronger words • include a call to action for your reader You must read this book because … or This article is not useful because…
What are the main mistakes?
The connection between sentences
Does it make sense or no?
Does it move from topic to another smoothly?
Is there any benefit from the key words that are mentioned?
Does it include main target?
Does previous studies support the article?
which methodology are used?
Organization :
Does the article has strong or week sentences?
Is it boring?
Does the writer use and Organization provide charts, images?