Patient Engagement Technologies

Topic – Patient Engagement Technologies

Using that topic and the theoretical framework or model, write a paper that must be between 15 pages in narrative, not including the title and reference pages.

The paper should follow APA format and include the following sections:





Implications and conclusions with future directions

References 10

Exploration of topic       

You astutely explore an essential topic from the course.

Application of theory or model                

You expertly apply your theoretical or model framework to your topic and develop an insightful analysis.

Content development

You use carefully chosen, authoritative, and compelling content that demonstrates mastery of your chosen theoretical framework; provide an advanced and thoughtful analysis of ideas; present an in-depth synthesis of ideas demonstrating insight and interpretation; and include appropriate references to readings wherever necessary.


You implement a coherent, observable organizational pattern (specific abstract, introduction, and conclusion, sequenced material within the body, and transitions) that effectively elucidates the content of the paper.


You effectively support points and subpoints with abundant clarifying detail, include relevant and clearly attributed sources as necessary, and effectively link ideas; comprehensive evidence extends ideas and fully authenticates the thesis of the paper.

Sources and documentation      

You clearly and effectively document sources of information using in-text citations linked to more than 10 references at the end of the paper; APA format is complete and entirely accurate.

Mechanics          You write in complete, well-constructed sentences with faultless grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling; writing is sharp, coherent, and demonstrates sophisticated clarity.


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