Nursing Leadership Guide

Topic: Nursing Leadership Guide
You will submit the Leadership Guide that you have developed. This Guide will be given to a group of junior nurse managers who are taking part in a leadership class. In addition to the four components that you have already developed in Units 2, 3, 5 and 8, your Guide should also contain a summary that demonstrates your understanding of the influence of nursing history and theory on current nursing leadership practice. The first components are already written, I just need a summary to conclude the guide. I am uploading the other assignments as reference.
Your final guide should be 15–20 pages in length, with at least 15 references. You may use your text and other articles provided in the course but be sure to provide a minimum of two references from other sources. Use APA style throughout.
Feel free to be creative with your guide—you may use graphics where appropriate. You may organize your Guide in any order, but it should follow a logical sequence. Please refer to the scoring guide for this final project to ensure that you include and address each of the required components that you will be graded upon.
•Title Page.
•Table of Contents.
•Assessment of Work Issue (Unit 2).
•Leadership Theories, Styles, and Applications (Unit 5).
•Strategic Analysis and Leadership Interventions (Unit 8).