Nurse/Patient Empowerment


Nurse/Patient Empowerment
As a nurse, you are the individual who has the ability to empower patients in the decision-making process pertaining to their health care. In addition, you

are in a unique position to empower your nursing colleagues to improve job satisfaction and use performance indicator data from dashboards to effect social


For this Discussion, you will analyze the use of quality improvement data and discuss how this data can help empower both patients and nurses.

Respond to the following:
•What are the best strategies the nurse can employ to empower patients and support patients’ rights to improve quality of care? (Some considerations to

keep in mind may include: providing information on effectiveness, risks, and benefits of alternative treatments.)
•In what ways can NDNQI data from dashboards or quality improvement data be used to support nurse empowerment in practice?
•How has your institution empowered the nursing staff through the use of quality improvement data?
•Provide an example of how you have personally empowered either a patient or a fellow nurse.