New Product/Service Innovation


Titles of the articles (publicly available on Internet):
1. Directorate General For Internal Policies, Policy Department: Mapping Smart Cities in the EU. January 2014

2. Smart sustainable cities: An analysis of definitions. ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities. October 2015

3. An overview of smart sustainable cities and the role of information and communication technologies. ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable

Cities. October 2014


Date of Submission:
Xx September 2017
Date of Received Feedback:
1 week after submission

I. ANALYSIS (1000-1500 words)

In your own understanding of the “smart city”, could you explain why a “smart city” is an excellent type of city to support innovation?






In your own opinion, in 2017 which city is the best example of a “smart city” in the world? and why? Please identify just one city and argue you point.

My best example of a “smart city” in the word in 2017 is:
The city of


Here is why (please argue in 100 to 200 words max):





Please find 30 innovative ideas that are specific to a “smart city” environment (describe each idea in couple of sentences in max 50 words):

Nb “Smart” Idea Description in couple of sentences
1 Smart roads A road that read the cars speed and send the details to the traffic authority. (each car in the smart city has to but a chip

before its get register and sink it with the Smart road)

2 gum to tires Recycling the gum and transform it into tires
3 Wireless Charging pads It’s a pad where you but all your devises above it and its will recognize what kind of dieses and what the rights

charging powers its engh for each.
Instate of one Wireless Charging for each device you can charge 5 devises at once.
4 No menu restaurant A restaurant that have no menu, each morning the chafe will go to the market and get difrint things every day and will

starts cook, the customer can bring there Ingredients and the cook will make a meal from what the customer have.

5 Hello animals
A device that translated animals language
6 Language video games A video game where the gamer can learn new language and have fun in same time ( Spy and adventure game )

7 Master key and application Its an application that programed to help the costumer to open his house doors, car, office , access to the

gym or any club that he has membership in

8 Healthy junks Healthy food with junks test

9 Future reader An application that the customer insert the data and the application will analysis and give foresee abut what will happen in

the future. Ex: Parliamentary elections

10 Contact lenses > sunlight Contact lenses reduce the intensity of sunlight

11 MAKE IT SHORT Program that summarizes speeches
12 Moody cushion A Cushion that changed thickness according to the person mood
13 Minds reader A device that read people minds
14 Invokes camera The camera invokes past and future
15 Just study Medication increases the strength of the study
16 Take me there A device that moves people from one place to another speed of light
17 pollution into oil A device that converts air pollution into oil
18 Perfume controls the feelings of people Perfume controls the feelings of people
19 More secure A device that can know the crime before it happens
20 Glove Spider-Man Glove helps to climb buildings, trees and cliffs like Spider-Man
21 All day coffee For coffee lovers, coffee you can drink all day long
22 Sweet muscle Ice cream helps build muscle
23 A device that converts the used paper to pencils A device that converts the paper used to pencils
24 Sleepy device A device that helps to sleep deeply according to the required length
25 Liquid builder A liquid that turns into brick at a certain speed will facilitate the process of construction
26 A school that teach the basics of life and ethics instead of science and languages
27 Infinity phone Phone does not need to charge at all
28 the carbon car The car turns the carbon in the air into a power to move
29 Unbreakable phone A phone that have unbreakable screen
30 Enjoy my dream A device that records dreams for later viewing



Section Grade / 100 Feedback
I / 50 •
II / 20 •
III / 30 •



Mark: /100