New eReader product – Advertising Strategy

Assignment Instructions and Background
Congratulations, you have just been appointed the Vice President of Advertising at the Keller Advertising Agency! Your agency has just signed a new client, LibraTech, that wants to introduce their new eReader into the marketplace in a way that will scare the competition. Their version of the eReader features flip-page technology and fabulous full color that allows the reader to read any type of book easily from a novel to a travel book in the same detail they would find in the print version. Writing approach: This paper is a proposal for your new client. You want to show the client that you have done your homework.
1. Introduction: Start out your paper with an introduction that teases the client with just enough detail to keep them reading. Suggested length: about one page.
2. Product Naming Strategy: Your client needs your recommendations on what to name the product. Explain in detail why you chose the name and explain why the name will create the brand image they need. Suggested length: about 1 page
3. Research: Your first assignment is to analyze the marketplace so you can determine an effective advertising campaign that will emphasize this products strengths and features, as compared to the competitors. Start out with at least a paragraph that explains your research strategy. Focus your research towards online book stores and electronics companies that are currently offering their version of an eReader. Critically evaluate each and create a table that compares at least three of these competitors. Make sure that you identify their current advertising strategies. The higher level of detail you research, the better you will be able to create an effective advertising campaign. Close this section by analyzing the information that you found. Explain which advertising strategies are working and which ones have not worked well and why. Make sure that you use APA format to provide citations within the body of your report and provide a reference page at the end of your paper. Suggested length: two pages.
4. Advertising strategy: Now that you have done your research, it is time to prepare a plan for how LibraTech can most effectively execute an advertising campaign to create a buzz and capture market share from their competitors. Points to consider are as follows.

o Who is the target market?
o What are the relevant consumer behavior issues?
o What is your overall strategy?
o What is your advertising message?
o Consider designing an advertising campaign with a combination of different types of advertising media and marketing communication tools. (See media types in this week’s lecture or the textbook for ideas.)
o What role does each type of media play in the plan?
o What are the pros/cons of the campaign you have selected?
At the end, summarize your plan highlighting the key points for your client. Be creative and have fun with your advertising strategy. Suggested length: three to five pages.

The Advertising Critique should be approximately 9 to 12 pages in length, plus any applicable attachments. The fully completed advertising critique should include a title page (include your name, date, title of your plan, name of the course), a right justified page header with page number, the content outlined above plus any applicable tables, graphs or attachments. In-text citations and a reference page are required, as is adherence to APA 6th edition citation standards. Develop a tightly focused, strategically oriented paper. Your client will be looking for the depth and breadth of your findings and arguments. Do not write in any section that you “couldn’t find needed information”. Be sure to reflect the concepts learned thus far! And have fun!