Memorandum Career Portfolio


Textbook – Cardon,P. , Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World (2e) with
Suggestion for Organizing the Memorandum: Make sure to read Chapters (1 and 16) in the course textbook and applicable secondary sources as outlined

below before working on this assignment. In planning the content for the memorandum, reflect on the readings and activities, especially, Why Does This

Matter? in Chapter 1 on page 3 of the textbook. This will help “you” identify key findings “applicable” to “your” academic and professional goals in

terms of “your” chosen career field.
Prepare a one-page memorandum on career outlook and opportunities for your chosen career field based on research from journals within your declared

major or government handbooks that project the outlook of your career. From your research, select and use two secondary sources to document your

findings when writing. (The textbook should Not be used as a reference.) Use information from the selected two secondary sources as in-text citations

(must have two citations/Do NOT use over two citations) in the body of the memo. You will also need to cite the two secondary sources as references at

the bottom of the page. *(If you need a little extra space for the references use font size 10 to format the references).
Make sure to use APA style to format the in-text citations and references. *You can review APA formatting (In-Text Citations and References) via the

following link:
Writing Tip: Divide your report into the following sections/paragraphs: (1) the career you have chosen, with reasons (e.g. explain the process you used

to determine your declared major /chosen career, clarify your career goals (short and/or long) in terms of identifying employment prospects of your

interest; (2) as a result of the related research – assess your employment strengths (e.g. your key selling points (abilities and attributes to

establish your credibility); and (3) based on findings explain three specifics corrective measures (you will apply) to develop your qualifications

within expected industry standards.
Course Textbook – Go to pages 534-535 and review the Memorandum- model document. Important Reminder-Hint- The model document is for visual and

formatting purposes. In reviewing, you should note, the content is not applicable. This means “you” will need to make “applicable” modifications given

“your” assignment’s instructions and “your selected content coverage.” Some applicable modifications include but are not limited to the follow.
Required – 1 page (Do Not Exceed), Apply the following – MARGINS -1 inch (top/bottom and sides), FONT – Times New Roman-Size 12, and FORMAT – Use

single space to format the body of each section/paragraph – THEN- Use 1.5 spaces between each section/paragraph (i.e. at the end of section/paragraph 1

– use 1.5 spaces THEN – go back to using single space for the body of section/paragraph two – at the end of section/paragraph two –use 1.5 spaces-then

go back to using single space for the body of section/paragraph 3).
Do not include the following: Header (name of company) or Notations: Enclosures or Distribution
Do – Move and Align the Heading (TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT) up (1 inch Top) –this will give you extra space to complete the assignment. To: Dr. Nealy

rather than information listed. Make sure to supply applicable- From, Date, and Subject.
Do not key the word–Attachment or Reference – Just Format/APA – the two secondary sources (journals within your declared major or government handbooks)

used to support your findings at the bottom of the page.*Reminder – If you need a little extra space for the references at the bottom use font size 10

to format the references).
Important – Submission Guidelines
*I make the below requests to help with timely return of documents. (Smile) Thank you for your cooperation.
Do – Submit the assignment as an attached WORD file in the –Named (Memorandum Career Portfolio) Assignment Submission Box. Name the file- use your

last and Memo. (Ex. NealyMemo).

Please write report as 3rd person