Medical Sciences


One of the most important things that I can teach you in this course is how to self-educate. For this question, I want you to visit the web site for

the Food and Drug Administration ( This web site is an excellent source of current drug information. In the upper left hand corner,

click on the link for drugs.
a. Discuss one of the drugs recently approved by the FDA. (Look under News and Announcements) You should also go outside the FDA site to find

additional information about this drug. Your answer should include the name of the drug (generic and trade), the drug company who is manufacturing

this drug, the mechanism of action, side effects, and who this drug was approved for.
b. Continue to surf the FDA website. Is there another area on the website that would be useful to you as a nurse practitioner? Pick any area and

describe how you could use the information to help you with your practic