Media Journal

-The American Government.
Students will locate and summarize 10 media reports (published between
January 13 and April
14) focusing on a theme from a textbook chapter, or more specifically,
a key term from a specific
chapter. For example, “redistricting” will be a major topic in 2011
and a student could find a recent
report on the topic during the week we read about Congress or
elections. For each report, students
should identify the article title, source (publication name or
website), author, and date. Reports should
come primarily from newspapers, magazines, political websites, cable
news reports (online video),
and political podcasts (if applicable). For those unfamiliar with
political news sources, Google News
may be a useful tool—or the list of sources on the instructor’s website under
NEWS/POLITICS/GOV’T. The summaries for each report should be a
one-paragraph description of
the article—there should be no analytical writing or personal
reflection in this portion of the
assignment, only a description of the article. At the end of the 10
summaries, students will write two
pages analyzing the media coverage. The analysis should discuss the
overall character of the media
reports using course concepts from the chapter on media and politics
for the basis of the analysis.
Students may also consider whether or not media reports were
informative, if the student detected
any bias, whether coverage was overly focused on politics/elections
(rather than policy or educating
the public), the student’s own biases in relation to the coverage, and
any other important
characteristics the student notices.

-each media report has to be about one of these chapters or key terms
1: Perspectives on American Government .
2: The Founding and the Constitution.
3: Federalism.
4: Civil Liberties.
5: Congress.
6: The Presidency.
7: The Federal Bureaucracy.
8: Voting and Participation.
9: Campaign and Elections.
10: The Media and Politics.
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