Management Mentor:

Dear Proposed Management Mentor:


Thank you for agreeing to consider sharing your management experience.  It is my belief that students often learn best if they can see a direct relationship between theory and reality.  Pairing a Principles of Management student with a practicing manager is an effective way to reinforce the realities of business management.  Participating in this assignment is an excellent opportunity for students to learn how management theory translates into business decisions.


Your role in this process would be to communicate with the student on a regular basis, minimally twice a month, to share your experiences related to the management topics we are discussing in class.  This communication does not need to be face-to-face; online communication is an excellent option to consider.  The goal is for students to see the values, problems, and questions that accompany management decisions.  Sharing examples of some of the business situations that you deal with will lead to a greater understanding of course principles.


There is no paperwork needed to be a business management mentor.  All that is required is a willingness to briefly discuss topics of interest we are studying. Again, the important thing here is for the student to see the relationship between text management concepts and real life.


Thank you for considering being a part of this innovative educational experience.  Please contact me at your convenience with any questions or concerns.


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