You are about to re-visit the company you had chosen. The task now is related to materials management for independent ) and dependent

demand . Discuss with the manager(s) the managerial implications of inventory management decision and provide a four-page essay with double

space. You are also allowed to include implications ideas from academic journals with proper citations. You will find a lot of full-text

articles at Library’s online search. You may ask help from the librarian (see the link at left panel for this help) Reference page is

extra. …

The store is a local family owned market here in town named “Dong Huong Gourmet Asian Market”. The owner name is Bao Tran. The store

consist of 7 employees.The questions and answers can be made up for this essay as long as it pertains to the same store that is mentioned

in essay 1 and esay 2 that has been attached. the course for essay is a intro to production/operation management.