linear regression analysis using SAS.

Part 1: SAS Procedures:

Conduct a simple linear regression analysis using SAS.
Check that the assumptions of the linear regression analysis methods are met.
Create and specify the equation of the linear regression model.
Use the linear regression equation to predict the value of the dependent variable given the independent variable.
Conduct a sensitivity analysis on your simple linear regression model.
Part 2: Analysis

Analyze the applicability and limitations of regression analysis, in general, and how to measure the quality of the regression model.
Explain potential dangers of extrapolation using this regression model, in particular, and also using any regression model, in general.
Address the following:
What types of challenges did you have in developing this data mining solution?
What other types of challenges might organizations have while developing, implementing, and/or using data mining solutions like this?
How might a data mining solution like this be used by an organization to address its organizational challenges?P(5.u)

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