Legal Issues


Legal Issues

Each question 2,000 words


Question 1

“This principal (one’s moral obligation to obey the law) holds that a person is under an obligation to do his part as specified by the rules of an institution whenever he has voluntarily accepted the benefits of the scheme or has taken advantage of the opportunities it offers to advance his interests, provided that this institutions is just or fair”.

Consider the implications of the statement above. What are some of the objections that have been made to this statement over the course of time? In your view, is it justifiable to violate the law? Why or why not? Provide relevant examples to support your position.


Question 2

“Law can never serve all members of a community equally, but it can serve a relatively large proportion of ordinary citizens, rather than the rich alone. Inequality cannto be abolished; but if it is somewhat reduced, then the predatory violence, humiliation, dependency and predictability inflicted on the weak can be kept under control.”

Discuss the quotation found above paying attention to the role of law in democratic systems. How is it that the author claims here that the law is somehow able to reduce the many kinds of injustices that are found in society? Do you agree with the author’s argument in this respect? Why or why not? Provide relevant examples to support your argument.