Leadership Profile


Write a profile of a leader you know. Preferably, this is someone in management where you work – or where you once worked. If you don’t know such a

leader, write about some other leader you know who leads an organization such as a school, church, service club, Girl or Boy Scouts, or local National

Your profile should include the following:
1. Introductory description of the leader.
2. Show an example of the leader in action.
3. Analyze your leader in terms of one of the theories discussed in your textbook. Example chart below starter that you could complete. Take notes

on the various leadership traits and then select one or two to develop in your profile.
Based on your chart and other notes, finish writing the profile based on your observations and analysis of your leader. Your submitted assignment

should be 1-3 pages. Be sure to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar and cite your sources per APA.
Leadership Issue Notes
Big-Five Model:
Extrovert vs. Introvert
Emotional stability
Openness to experience
Machiavellianism (manipulative, maintains emotional distance)
Fiedler Model: Leader is pleasant/unpleasant, efficient/ inefficient, open/ guarded, supportive/hostile, task-oriented/ relationship-oriented. Note

Leader-member relations, Task structure, Position power. If you think that the Fiedler model is what drives your leader, write your profile

discussing why this is the case. For example, you may have a strong task oriented leader who is very effective because the situational variables are

either very high or very low.
Coercive vs. Rewards leader
Leader behavior: Directive, Supportive, Participative, Achievement-Oriented
Charismatic leader Is your leader an example of charismatic leadership being used when it should not be?