Investigating Disciplinary Actions of Health Professionals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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If you are not familiar with healthcare, please do not waste my time.

Graded Assignment #2:

Investigating Disciplinary Actions of Health Professionals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


  1. READ about the Bureau of Professional and Occupation Affairs which is part of the Department of State of Pennsylvania. Your Module for this week (week of Feb. 12th)has information about this bureau.
  2. ACCESS (Links to an external site.)

Once you get into the above website, use the search window to find Disciplinary Actions for December 2016. This is your access to the information for this assignment.

(Do not use another section in this website, which is called the Disciplinary Document Search, because you will have to enter each person’s name individually and you will be making more work for yourself).

  1. COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT by using the chart to correctly and accurately report on each disciplined professional. Download the chart and use it to complete this assignment. Your uploaded submission of this assignment should be the completed chart. Use complete sentences to describe the actions which the disciplined health professional did and post in the section titled, Violation. Grammatically correct sentences are also required for the section titled, Action Taken by the (respective) Board. This assignment requires you to define several terms and to compose a concluding paragraph.. Details about the concluding paragraph can be found at the bottom of the chart. The use of any quotation marks and lifting the words of others and using these are answers is not permissible.

In healthcare, accuracy, completeness and correctness can be a life and death situation; however, these attributes can also affect an individual’s profession. As you complete this assignment, remember that you are reporting on facts about an individual, so accuracy is paramount. Pay attention to facts and figures, including correctly stating monetary figures with the dollar sign and not just providing a number. Whenever you use a number, it needs a label – for example, it I said, 500, what does that mean to you? Nothing, but if I say 500 minutes, 500 patients, 500 dollars or 500 hours – it has meaning.

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