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I am currently in my 3rd year of electrical engineering technology program and need a proposal done for a fully automated wet well. I have already completed the PLC programming just need write up done. Here is the scenario:

The PLC Assignment Scenario

The Set Up

You were told by an acquaintance at Metro College, a community college in Nickel Ridge, that the college was looking to automate the currently manually overseen two pump sewage lift station that is located in one of its college buildings, the building that most staff has their offices in. The college has asked for brief but informal proposals from several independent firms to do the job.

The Current System

The current wet well collects sewage from the Glennys Ford building in a gravity fed system of piping. The level is monitored using a Johnny ball system. The system has two pumps that move the sewage out, the first activated when the level hits a specific number (approximately 25%) the second when the level hits a second number (approximately 50%). Your friend at the college tells you that the %-ages are a bit of a guess on his part but that you will get the numbers in due course. The pumps are relatively new since they were both replaced recently, one 18 months ago, currently the lead pump, and the second 4 months ago, currently the lag pump.

The Corporate Gift

A corporate patron of the college recently gave a gift of equipment to the college – the patron says that the equipment is all PLC related and is enough to automate the wet well system. The patron, however, does not do PLC programming himself, particularly because he is under investigation in a municipal bribery scandal. No documentation of any kind was included with the equipment, but the college’s request for proposal says it includes everything that is needed to do the proposed job.

What the College Wants

The college has asked for an informal proposal to do the following job:

· Explain the benefits of an automated system
· Inventory and test the donated equipment
· Prepare a set of spec sheets for the “main components”
· Assess if enough equipment is included to do the proposed job
· Write and test the PLC and SCADA programming to do the job
· Give a statement of the length of time and costs related to doing the proposed job

You note that outlining the problems of the current situation and outlining the benefits of the proposed project are large parts of what a proposal does anyway, so you don’t need to include them in the tasks required to complete the proposed job.

Your Task

Prepare a proposal that meets the college’s wants. Set the proposal up as a memo formatted report that is addressed to Samuel Davis, Facilities Manager, Metro College.

Include a clear schedule chart (aka a Gantt chart). (I can do this if it is to much for you)

Make sure you address the full list of the college’s wants.