How, or in what ways, can society use ethical standard when making decisions in technology use?

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Anatomy Of an Introductory Paragraph

Opening Statement (general)

Introduce the topic from general to specific


The technology has invloved in people’s life for many years. People’s life start to become better because the technology brings tremendous benefits to public. The medical treatment, the food industry, the advanced transportation system and eveything need supported by technology. Yet, people need to keep banlance with using the technology in their life, avoiding the misuse of it. Therefore, the government how to guide people to have awareness of using technology is important for human long-term development.

Introduce Author #1 with title

The Dalai Lama talks about the genetic engineering in his article “Ethics and the New Genetics”. He repeales people to use moral compass—the ethical standards when they are using the technology. Meanwhile, it can guide people how to make decision when they use the genetic technology.

Introduce Author # 2 with title

Peter Singer, the author of the “Visible Man: Ethics in a World without Secrets”, discuesses the new technology make our life become more openness. The surveillance technoloy involves in personal private life.

Establish a connection between authors

Both of them talk about the advantages and disadvantage with using technology. The technology may cause inequality for society, yet it also bring tremendous benefits to people. People need to set up entical standard.

Thesis Statement (key terms)

When making decisions in technology use, society need to consider using ethical standards by legislating and strict enforcment of laws that will violate misuse. Moreover, making nonconmercial advertisements around the society can also make the technology in transparency.

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Essay question:

How, or in what ways, can society use ethical standard when making decisions in technology use?

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