History of War

See everything from previous order instructions below and books being used for the course. Annotated bibliography and paper outline written before attached. Professors comments on attached written was that paper is far too general. Also he wrote (This would be nothing more than a synopsis of our book).
Write a ten page paper in which you engage one of the topics addressed in the reading or from class regarding some aspect the challenges faced by a people at war, using the course materials and a variety of historical and contemporary sources. You may not do any topic that involved the military conflict itself. This paper will be written in two stages. Find something to write about other than the war itself from the two class textbooks being used. 5 0r more secondary sources. How event happened and importance of it. NO BATTLES! Research/ Essay. Make it narrow and defined. Thesis, Analysis, Conclusion. 1) Submit a prospective, annotated bibliography and an outline (formal or narrative) of how you expect the paper to be presented in its final draft 2) Responding to the comments by the professor, submit a well-considered, final draft, as an essay in correct academic style and form. Classroom textbooks are A People at War (Civilians and Soldiers In America’s Civil War 1854-1877) by Scott Nelson and Carol Sheriff A Short History of Reconstruction (Updated Edition) by Eric Foner


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