Hershey’s chocolate


Submit a 350-word paper in which you:
• Evaluate the company’s present marketing strategy. Provide evidence to support your evaluation.Your first step is to search online

for the product website (for example, the Tide brand: http://tide.com/en-us ).

Once you find the manufacturer’s (brand) website, you need to:
o Define the target market for the product or service.
o Describe the product.
o How the product is distributed (that is, where can customers buy the product? Identify as many distribution options as possible.)
o What is the price of the product (there may be multiple product sizes and prices by distribution channel (you need only select one

o How is the product positioned and promoted? Be sure to think about traditional media as well as online and social media such as

Facebook and You-Tube.
• Next, determine what, if anything, the marketing manager should do to change the current strategy. Provide reasons for the

suggestions you would make to the marketing manager
o Think about who buys the product. Could the market target be expanded?
o Do you see other uses for the product that have not been identified on the website or on the product brochures or labels?
o How does the price seem? Is it too high? too low? Why?
o Are there distribution opportunities that are being missed?
• Support your work with specific citations in APA formatand any additional sources including company websites that you may draw