Health Care

Health Care
You work for LAR Ambulance, which is private ambulance providing EMS 911 response as the primary care providers in a rural county and urgent and non-urgent transport of patients from one hospital or care center to another. You have three ambulances in all to provide coverage of the county. Each staffed by one paramedic and one EMT/AEMT. The county is large and rural and transport times are often 20-30 minutes. There is one hospital in the county and two in neighboring counties that are often the closest from the scene.

Protocols say that all “chest pain” and possible “heart condition” patients be placed on a 12-lead monitor as soon as possible and the EKG transmitted to the hospital while in transport. You have received complaints from the hospital that they frequently do not receive the EKG until just before the ambulance or it is not sent prior to arrival. Upon evaluation it is found that it is a problem and occurs 45 to 50% of the time with these patients.

1. List your agency, 4 segments of your target audience and 5 stakeholders.

2 Using interviews, surveys, meetings and focus groups, briefly describe how you will gather needs, wants, barriers and supports from each of the three groups in question one.

3. In looking at your target audience, list 4 each (total of 12) of their predisposing reinforcing and enabling factors and rank them in the 4 square matrix. Be sure to identify if they are a P, R or E and positive or negative.

4. List one goal and 4 objectives for your program. Format the objectives properly.

5. List 5 persons of influence for this program in each category (formal. and informal) that you would seek buy-in from.

6. Briefly describe two each, policy, environmental and educational interventions for this program.

7. Create a logic model for the educational interventions,

8. Create a PERT Chart for your environmental interventions.

9. Create the expense side of a budget for your environmental interventions.

10. Describe your process evaluation for this project.