Group Roles versus Team Roles

Distinguishing between a work group and a team will help be a better leader because you will have the capability to determine what is happening

within each – a work group or a team. Dear Writer, in this regard, you, as a leader, will have the knowledge of why a work group exists and why

a team exists. With that knowledge you are then able to determine the roles each member plays within each (work group and team). This enables

you to direct the work group or team accordingly.

Please use this links below which might help you to formulate your paper:
(Chapter 6: Groups, Teams, and Teamwork, sections 1-4).
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In this paper, you (1) apply the principles of group roles to an existing work group of which you are a member, or (2) you apply the principles

of team roles to a team of which you are currently a member (virtual, project, cross-functional, task force, etc.). First, conduct some

research on your work group or team. In the case of (1), this could be researching the recent history of the group, or in the case of (2), this

could require interviews with current members of the team.
With either option,please respond to the following questions in your paper:
1. Explain the process in which your work group or team was created; include the type of team if using option #2.
2. Determine the roles of each person and how each role fits with the function of the work group or team.
3. Differentiate the similarities and differences between your research of your work group or team and what you have learned in this


Please write the paper between 450-600 words in length.