Geographical exclusion

Topic: You have been asked to devise a set of guidelines giving general advice to practitioners working with socially excluded children and/or adolescents with mental health difficulties. You have been asked to focus your advice to one or more kinds of social ex
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Advice for Assignment Completion – How Should I tackle This Assignment?

On this module we have covered a range of forms of social exclusion which impact children/adolescents experiencing mental health difficulties. As well as addressing stigmatisation of mental health you will also need to choose another form of exclusion which often contributes to the overall experience of being a young person with psychological problems. For example, you could choose one or more kinds of exclusion from the following list:
Geographical exclusion (e.g. rural Vs urban)
The guideline advice that you will be devising and justifying in this assignment is intended for practitioners. It is entirely up to you which kind practitioners you will be aiming the advice at. Your advice might be quite general so that it could be used by, for example doctors, nurses, educators, mental health workers and so on. However, you may choose to develop your advice for a specific kind of practitioner only. This assignment should be written using an essay format and should follow general conventions for essay writing.
Example of a Good Assignment
Below is an example of a good essay for this assignment. This student did not choose to write the guidelines separately from the main body of the essay but you can do so if you would prefer in your own assignment. I would strongly encourage you to read this example so that you can get a sense of what this assignment requires.
File link: Example Assignment.doc