Free Market

Create an essay of at least 5 paragraphs
(1) Identify and explain 3 examples of the free market at work in your life. (18 points)
(2) Identify and explain 3 examples of government intrusion in your life. (18 points)

(3) Reference a principle found in the C-SPAN video (7 points)

(4) Include an introduction (3.5 points) and a conclusion (3.5 points)

These points total 50. Deductions will be made if the additional instructions below are not followed – up to the point value in parentheses.

Additional instructions
(5) Cite your sources (in other words, cite the video and place it on the reference page) – within the text and include an APA formatted reference page (5 points)

(6) Double-space your work and indent your paragraphs. (1 point)

(7) Use college-level writing with proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax (2.5 points)P(5.u)

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