Final Project plan

A good project manager is constantly monitoring, assessing, and adjusting the project based on new information and changing variables. It is assumed you will need adjustments to the project documents you have developed throughout this course to produce a polished Final Project Plan.

Complete your Final Project Plan by enhancing, changing, and/or clarifying the components you have submitted up to this point – Statement of Work, Communication Plan, WBS, Schedule, and Budget. Base this final update on feedback from your instructor, classmates, and learning from the course materials.

Submit the updated assignments to Blackboard, either in separate files or combined into one large file.

In a separate document titled “Final Project Plan – Overview,” include the following items:
•A bullet list of the enhancements, changes, and/or clarifications you have made to each component
•Why you made the changes you did, for each component
•Why you did not make changes to the components you did not change

I will attach all the other parts to the projetcmnet managemndnt project. THis is the last part of the project. I will also give the comments that teacher wrote to the part and the changes it needed.

THe commentes the teacher gave on each assignment
mba512 idea"Project idea 1, I am not quite sure I understand what you are proposing here. Are you suggesting and Business Management Software (ERP) solution for a single hotel property or for a chain? Most properties are using multiple systems from outside vendors, particularly for reservations. Implementation of a Business Management Systems is a very big project with a lot of moving parts and probably too big to schedule for an 8-week course. Your logic and business case make a lot sense and yes quality process and systems are likely to impact customer satisfaction. I would suggest you limit the scope of what you are proposing to a certain area. For example, Front Office processing or Customer relationship management or reservations. You could do a back-office system. You could view this as a stepping stone to the larger goal of replacing all the systems. This is not to say that what your proposing is not a good idea it is just too big. This is a project management course and I want you to be able to learn the tools and techniques of Project Management. So, find an area that you can set a scope for that has clearly defined deliverables and measurable objectives. You need to be able to define a milestone that says when this part of the project is finished. What criteria need to be met to know you are finished. Having said all that, if you are talking about implementing something like NetSuite in one property, it would be a workable project but you are taking on a lot of work to build a project schedule. You will need to be much more specific in doing your Stakeholder Analysis. Your list of stakeholders is very generic and you need to name names to establish real accountability for the project. Go ahead and start on the Statement of Work but keep it simple."

Stakeholder anayysis "Who is your project sponsor? You may want to read up on Sponsors in the course text books. Your definition in the Stakeholder analysis is incorrect. Who is the customer for your project? Are you building a CRM for sale to hotels or is it for a certain property? Overall your project looks like a standard software

development project. That will work, but

you need to be more specific about what you are delivering for who. Another way to look at it is who owns the CRM system when you are finished. Since you are defining stakeholder roles, it looks like your plan is based on the assumption that the staff is available. You can assume the role of a software development consulting firm and plan the staffing as if they are part of the firm. You have a good overview of the project activities and you can use it as a basis for further defining the activities and tasks that need to be done to complete your CRM system, The next step will be to start you work breakdown structure."

Wbs "you are on the right track with your WBS ans Schedule. You are missing the estimated duration for each task and the resource assignments. You should also add tasks for project management and implementation of your communications plan."


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