Final Project Part II Submission: SIS Structural Model: CRC Cards and Class Diagrams

Final Project Part II Submission: SIS Structural Model: CRC Cards and Class Diagrams


Task: Submit to complete this assignment

You, as a software architect, did a good job on the functional model of the student information system (SIS). The small college is happy with

your functional model and has approved it. The college wants you to proceed to the next step of the SIS structural model.

Based on your SIS functional model, create an SIS structural model consisting of the following:
•A class responsibility collaboration (CRC) card for each class in your model
•A class diagram

From the SIS functional model, identify the classes of your structural model. You should have between six to nine classes. Using the provided

CRC card template, document each class showing its responsibilities, collaborations, attributes, and relationships.

Formalize the information from the CRC cards into a class diagram. Your class diagram should use the class relationships of association,

generalization, aggregation, and composition to structure the classes and should indicate the multiplicities of these relationships. The class

diagram must be generated by a UML drawing tool.

Links to UML drawing tools:

Use the Final Project Part II Solution Submission Template document to complete and submit your deliverables. Your deliverables in the attached

submission template should include:
•Your work
•Verification and validation of your work
•An explanation of your work and how you arrived at your solution
•A reflection on your learning experience and lesson learned

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Part II Guidelines and Rubric document.