FAR Cases 2

1.)You are working as the contracting officer for a Department of Defense Agency and you receive a phone call from the president of Acme corp., a company that is in the final stages of a large contract for the supply of electronic components for a weapon system. To date the Contractor has performed very well and there has been no problems. The President is extremely angry and tells you that he is not going to deliver the final 1000 components (K called for delivery of 3000 components) because the economy is bad and that he is not happy with the contract price and he can make more dollars selling them to another agency or country. He tells you to simply terminate the contract for convenience. What would you propose to resolve this and why?
2.) Recently Boeing Corporation was awarded the new Air Force Tanker Contract for $35 billion dollars. You were brought on as a contract consultant for the company that lost the award. As you consider whether to advise your client to protest what key considerations would you look at? Where would you file it and in what time period?
3.) Name one area that you think needs reform in the Acquisition Process and why and what you would propose to fix it?
4.) Explain the difference between a termination for convenience and a termination for default and specifically address the difference it would have on a contractor’s past performance for future contracts. Also, what are the effects on the Government under both situations.
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