Family Dynamics Affecting Juvenile Delinquency

RESEARCH PAPER –WITH OUTLINE INSTRUCTIONS You must provide an in-depth outline of the research paper you plan to write based on the topic you selected in Module/Week 2.

Your outline must contain headings that correlate to your chosen topic: I. Introduction II. First Heading a. Sub-heading III. Second Heading a. Sub-heading IV. Third Heading a. Sub-heading V. Conclusion VI. Reference List You must describe each point with 1–2 sentences

Submit an research paper with outline you created in Module/Week 4. Expand on your outline and address all sections thoroughly in at least 5 pages, excluding the title page, abstract, reference list. Each section, from the introduction to the conclusion, is effective and labeled. Information flows in an organized and meaningful manner. The paper must follow current APA format and includes at least 5 primary references and 5 biblical references that are significant to the topic. There is a clear and meaningful connection between all the resources.