Examine the importance of appraisals and performance improvement.

AHIMA Domain:  Organizational Resources

Subdomain:  Human Resources

Knowledge Clusters: 

Team leadership concepts and techniques (BL4)

Workflow and process monitoring (BL4)

Subdomain: Financial and Resource Management

Knowledge Clusters: 

Organizational plans and budget (BL4)

Resource allocation monitors (BL4)


Objective: By the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Compare the different management styles in implementing changes to an organization.(BL4)
  • Outline the importance of team and committees in consensus building for improved communication in healthcare. (BL4)
  • Analyze the fundamentals of team leadership as they apply to real-life situations. (BL4)
  • Examine the importance of appraisals and performance improvement. (BL4)
  • Outline the role of HIM professionals in monitoring expenses to ensure resources are allocated accordingly. (BL4)

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