Ethics Statement and Support Paper

Part 1: You will demonstrate your ability to apply ethics to your future career in a healthcare setting by creating a one-page statement of your

professional ethics. This statement should clearly identify your ethics bottom line and be suitable for framing. The document should be no larger

than 8.5 x 11 inches. Creativity is encouraged, so be free to express yourself visually as well as in writing. Be sure that your statements are

complete sentences and are free from grammatical and spelling errors. However, be sure your name is on your work!

Part 2: The ethics statement will be supported with a one-page document that explains its origins. This document must be double-spaced, Times New

Roman, 12 pt font. Use one-inch margins. Do not exceed one page length. The document should explain why you chose the items that were included in

the statement. It should also reflect how you applied learning in the course to the statement.

To summarize, you will submit an ethics statement suitable for framing, a one-page support paper, and a cover sheet for evaluation.