Ethics paper

Ethics paper
Your assignment is an individual assignment and must cover the following information:
1. What are the ethical questions or concerns that pertain to your research project?
2. Why are they important to address for your project to be successful?
3. How are you planning to obtain consent for collecting data for your project?
4. What are the potential causes of harm involved in your research project?
5. How are you going to overcome these potential sources of harm?
6. How are you going to ensure confidentiality and anonymity in your data collection?
7. What will you do in the event that you cannot collect enough data for your project?
Write your report as you would present it to an ethics committee board to approve your proposed research.
Your certificate of completion of the ethics on-line course needs to be presented by February 15th as well. It is considered a prerequisite for the course and should be done ASAP.

Each question, 1 -7 is worth 7 marks.
Your spelling, grammar and organization of work is worth 3 marks
Your citations and references are worth 3 marks.
The total is 55 marks for this assignment.

Your ethics report is an individual assignment that is directly related to your research project.
Every researcher must consider the ethical concerns that could impact the research project. Such elements include but are not limited to the following:
– maintaining anonymity and confidentiality
– obtaining consent to participate in the research
– ensure inclusivity
– socially desirable responses
– cause no harm (harm includes physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and social)
The online module on ethics can help you identify the ethical concerns that can impact your project and strategies to mitigate or eliminate the potential harm that can be created and how to make your project as ethical as possible. It is a good idea to complete the on-line module prior to completing your ethics report.
The seven questions that were provided to you for this assignment were presented as a roadmap to help you address the ethical concerns that impact your research work. A rubric has been created to help you and you can use it as a checklist for your work.
You can use any medium you wish to present your work; for example, a paper, a PowerPoint presentation, a video, a question and answer methodology, or any other medium you wish to consider.