Ethical Case Study

Submit 2-3 page paper in APA 6th edition format to address the following: Discuss legal principles
at the foundation of the nursing profession Explain the difference between normative ethics and
descriptive ethics Assess professional nursing connections to influence health policy change The
following resources were offered to assist with the case study: ANA Code of Ethics with Interpretive
Statements ANA Position Statements-Eudianasia, Assisted Suicide and Aid in Dying-April 24, 2073
(Transitions to Death-Ethical and Legal C onsiderations) Social Networking for the Nurse: Exploring
Case Studies and Avoiding Inappropriate Use-PPT by jill Hasley National Council State Board of
Nursing-White paper: A Nurse’s Guide to the use of Social Media-August 207 7 Ethics Training
Protocol Video-june 5, 2075 Metaparadigm of Nursing and Theoretical Framework of Nursing
(Dynamics of Professional Nursing)