Essay Questions focusing on the IT Savvy Book


1. Open IT Savvy to page 152-154, The IT Savvy Monday Morning Mandate, which has 7 actions for making a firm more IT Savvy. For each action of the 7

actions, describe specific actions you would take (for a generic/fictional firm). For each of the 7 actions, write a minimum of 5-6 sentences.
2. Turn to page 34 in IT Savvy. The Choosing Among Four Operating Model Options section presents four types of operating models and examples of companies

that use each type. For each of the four types of operating models, elaborate on why the company listed is a good example (Diversification: example P&G) of

this type of operating model. Write 5-6 sentences minimum for each type of operating model.
3. With a minimum of 5-6 sentences for each part of the question describe the follow:
a. What you consider to be the most valuable thing you learned in this course about the strategic use of IT.
b. How your perception of the use of IT has changed as a result of what you learned.
c. How you think what you learned will impact your current job or career plans