Required Readings
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Read Six Sigma Case page 467 of Textbook


From the Library:
you are required to navigate to the Herzing University Library database to research and locate the scholarly article(s) listed below.
In order to retrieve the scholarly article, first navigate to the Library tab.
Chiarini, A. (2011). Japanese total quality control, TQM, deming’s system of profound knowledge, BPR, lean and six sigma. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, 2(4), 332-355. doi:

Research Project

Choose an organization of your choice and develop an overview of a communication plan for a project.

The project could be a new device, service, program, or etc.
Utilize examples from your text or examples online that meet your specific needs in developing the Communication Plan for the Project that will substantively explain, and analyze the positive contributions to the success of the project. Include design, structure, communication channel methods, assigned roles, leadership, groups, teams, and control measures. include the concepts from operations and project management that you have learned so far.
As an example, processes, projects, flowcharting, effectiveness efficiency, critical path, quality management, quality control, and the project management life-cycle.