Environmental Science

Chapter 10 Section 1
Page 244 # 1-3
1. Describe the general diversity of species on Earth in terms of relative numbers and types of organisms. Compare known numbers to

2. Describe the three levels of biodiversity. Which level is most commonly meant by biodiversity?
3. Explain how biodiversity is important to ecosystems, and give examples of how it is important to humans.
Chapter 10 Section 2
Page 251 # 1-4
1. Describe four ways that species are being threatened with extinction globally.
2. Define and give examples of endangered species and threatened species.
3. List areas of the Earth that have high levels of biodiversity and many threats to species.
4. Compare the amount of biodiversity in the United States to that of the rest of the world.

How is biodiversity Measured?
What are the common characteristics of organisms that are most in danger of extinction?
What does the “biodiversity hotspot” label indicate about n ecosystem?
What is the role of a keystone species in an ecosystem?
How can ecotourism help conserve ecologically fragile areas?

Essay: Which of the various threats to biodiversity do you think will be most difficult to stop? Which are the hardest to justify?
Essay has to be 5 to 7 sentences in your own words.