Economic Crisis

Research Question
Review the course and other materials on the current economic crisis. Provide a brief history of economic theory and then discuss how we know that we are in a crisis (i.e. what are the indicators). What does being in an economic crisis mean in practical terms? Discuss how the crisis affects developed vs. developing states. How does globalization factor into the scope of the crisis? Finally, discuss what caused the crisis and what could be done to avoid similar crises in the future.
1. Hypothesis
Overage of money in the world, rise in profits amongst the investment sector and the utilization of an inaccurate measurement tool used as an indicator for rising sub-prime market securities caused the current economic crisis.
2. Below is the list of the websites for my research.
a. These two links are a must read/listen for all citizens. It is the bottom line, laments terms of what happened that caused the crisis. It includes interviews from Wall Street investors and homeowners that are facing foreclosure. This is the key to my thesis statement. pool-of-money frightening-show-about-the-economy
b. These websites identify the indicators of the economic crisis, the timeline of what happened toward the big melt down and understanding of what really happened from the federal reserve perspective.
c.This website indicates how a financial crisis affects emerging countries.

d. The websites below identify how the US financial crisis affected the world due to Globalization.

e. These websites provide a basis for a resolution action from many agencies including the World Bank and the federal reserve.
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