Digital Marketing Strategy

Assessment 3a (Group): Digital Marketing Strategy
Word limit: 3000 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 35% written report and presentation

Topic: Choose a line of products on Create a digital store to sell those chosen products, and create a digital marketing campaign to promote your store.


This digital marketing campaign is written based on 6 digital marketing building blocks (refer to Workshop 1)

B. PLATFORM DESCRIPTION: Description the digital platform structure (workshop 4) (e.g., what’s on the platform, what it is for, name, logo slogan, theme or narrative structure.) Insert URL to the site, screenshot of home page etc …


All steps of how to profile customer interests are provided in workshops 2 and 3. It is recommended to provide 4-5 profiles to cover the market. Then highlight 1 profile to develop the campaign in the next step.

It is important to make sure ALL profiles come from Facebook audience interests. Provide screenshots of important interest profiles in the appendices.


You can design 1 or several campaigns. A campaign is a collection of specific digital marketing activities to achieve a specific business goal. In this assignment, ensure your campaign(s) cover the entire platform. That is, recruit at least 1 group of visitors and convert them into customers (workshop 4).

If 1 campaign can’t cover the entire process, you can run multiple campaigns. So you might have multiple recruitment campaigns and retention campaigns running concurrently.

It is recommended that you use 7 touch point formula to plan the customer journey on your platform.

To present your campaign(s) in this assignment, you could use the template below (note that this is only a suggestion.)

>> To cover your entire platform, you plan to have X number of campaigns. Campaign A does XXX, Campaign B does YYY, and Campaign C does ZZZ.

To achieve XXX, campaign A will cover steps 1-3 of the 7 touch point formula. Specifically, ZZZZZZ.

In terms of design, campaign A will start with Facebook ad post. The ad aims to XXX. The screen shot of the ad is HERE and the screens shots of the process of creating the ad are in the appendices. The ad captures attention from XXX people because the interest of the people in this profile suggests that ZZZZ. This ad should recruit X number of people because in the population that the ad targets, Y number of people, suggested by Facebook active users within the interest group, tend to do VVV (screen shots of profile provided.)

After a visitor clicks the ad, they will go to site X (URL provided), and see BBB. At this point, the visitor will be given options to do YYY, because XXX. These activities cover steps 2 and 3 of the 7 touch point formula.

The aesthetic aspect of your campaign attracts a large percentage of marks. That includes the use of images, videos and sound. Thus, ALL aesthetic aspects of your campaign including still pictures, videos, and sounds have to be created by you to earn marks for aesthetic component of the assignment.

You have to read and sign the declaration form of copyright material content. The form is in the assessment instruction folder on Blackboard.

After recruiting the new customers design campaign(s) to nourish the relationship, and communication to the customer during their tenure with the company. These campaigns are at the proposal stage, there is no need to execute them as the active campaigns above.

F. ACTION PLAN: Schedule and budget for each of the campaigns you design in D.

Using the Facebook ad dashboard, you will have the information about the approximate number of people you can reach in your targeted audiences, giving the budget. You can use general industry conversion rate of 1%-5%, and work out your budget and schedule.

Note that conversion is when the person actually commits to the FINAL activity that you want them to do (e.g., join emailing lists, participate in the contests, purchase the product.)
You can run engagement campaigns to attract shares and likes of a post. In such case, a conversion is a like or a share.
However, engagement campaigns do NOT give you customers, and will not cover the entire platform. You can start with engagement campaigns, but you will need to have other campaigns to help customers progress through their journey. (For customer decision journey, refer to workshop 1. For digital platform structure, refer to workshop 4).


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