Define the following items:

1. Define price takers:
2. Define corporations:
3. Define Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), use the definition at or the text:
4. Define total contribution margin:
5. Define revenues, fixed costs, and total variable costs:
6. Describe limited liability in a corporation:
7. Define Medicare, Medicaid and provide the year the legislation was passed:
8. Define managed care:
9. Define the following two terms
a. ICD 9/10 codes:
b. CPT codes:
10. Define short-term assets and long-term assets:
11. Define Lean Six Sigma:
12. Define a fiscal year and provide the months for the definition:
13. Define health care finance
14. Define the role of a chief financial officer:
15. Define chart of accounts and provide one example of an account name and number, according to the handout:
16. Define CON as related to health care finance:
17. Define a business:
18. Define moral hazard:
19. Define liquidity:
20. Define the accounting equation:

Note: Provide a reference sheet in APA format.

Added chapter that might help. attached. please write from scratch and provided reference sheet in APA formatP(5.u)

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